General Facilities


Emergency & Trauma Care Unit

Ruby Emergency & Trauma Care Unit work 7x24x365 days. Most modern set-up is fully equipped with trained staff, round the clock doctors and techniques to handle any medical emergency. On an average we deal with 15 emergencies a day. The following emergencies are being handled on a regular basis with a very high success rate :

  • Road Accidents

  • Acute Cardiac conditions/syndromes

  • Vascular Catastrophes

  • Cerebro-Vascular accidents

  • Vascular Catastrophes

  • Acute respiratory emergencies

  • Acute Abdominal problems

  • Life threatening injuries

  • Acute Poisonings and snake bites

  • Heat stroke and cold injuries

  • Acute renal failure

  • Severe life threatening infections

  • Any other condition in which delay could result in loss of life or limb, etc.


Critical Care

Critical Care comprises of 36 Intensive Care Unit beds, 14 High Dependency Unit beds and 10 Cardiac Thoracic Vascular Surgery Unit Beds which are monitored 24 hours with in house consultants, intensivist, paramedical staff, nurses, other support staff, life saving equipment and 24 hours monitoring as per international standards.


Catheterisation Laboratory

Cath Lab supports all cardiac invasive as well as brain invasive procedures. Our team of most experienced Cardiac Interventionist Consultants conduct angiographies, angioplasties, valvuloplasty,pacemaker implantation etc. on a regular basis at most reasonable rates.


24 Hours Operation Theatre

Our state-of-the-art, most modern OT wing consists of 5 General O.T. and 1 CTVS O.T. Any emergency surgery can be conducted round the clock.


24 Hours Ambulance

Apart from Critical Care Ambulance, another 2 ambulances are available in the hospital. Free Ambulance is provided to neighborhood as well as accidents patients 7x24x365 days.


24 Hours Diagnostics

Ruby's Pathology, Radiology and Imaging, Cardiology Diagnostic departments are open 24 hours to conduct any investigation at any time. Instant as well as most reports are made available on the same day of investigation. Diagnostic departments are equipped with the latest equipments, trained technicians and consultants.


24 Hours Pharmacy

Ruby Pharmacy is open 24 hours and caters to indoor as well as outdoor patients. Free home delivery service is available for neighbors as well as Sr. Citizens

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