Choosing the Right Hospital


A K (name changed), a 20 year old woman who was admitted at Ruby General Hospital in March, 2008. She was pillion riding a motorcycle when she was hit by a bus. She incurred life threatening injuries all over her whole body including massive skin loss and extensive loss of tissue in the buttocks. She had multiples fractures as well. The three dimensional CT scan reconstructed image of the multiple fractured pelvises showed her near fatal condition at the time of admission. She was bleeding profusely and her hemoglobin was 3.1 gram percent. Exploratory laparotomy was done, the torn right iliac vein was repaired and an abdominal pressure pack was kept inside the abdomen to stop the bleeding. She was transfused with 15 units of blood.

Also, external pelvic fixation was performed. Abdominal packs were removed after 48 hours. She had a total of five major surgeries and was treated by doctors from eleven different specialties. The patient walked out of the hospital after three and half months.

This young woman was amongst those who did not have a choice of hospitals because most accident victims on the E.M. Bypass are brought to Ruby General Hospital.

As a hospital, we are proud to have taken care of this young woman. We are happy that the outcome was positive and the credit lies with our doctors, nurses and employees. And as always, we are determined to provide medical care of an international standard.

How would you choose a hospital when you or your family needs one?



We are serving for the past 24 years as one of the oldest private hospitals in the city. In all these years, we have been taking care of life threatening situations of critically ill patients including severe road traffic accident cases on a regular basis. Our doctors, nurses have years of medical experience in taking care of the critically ill patients.


Range of Services

We can handle any serious patient, like Trauma, Severe Cardiac Problem, Brain Stroke, Renal failure, Oncology patients requiring Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Palliative treatment and patients needing Critical Care facilities and Emergency Surgical Intervention. We have 42 multi-specialty departments with excellent doctors, nurses and technicians to take care of our patients 365 days a year. Every patient is treated by a team of specialist doctors resulting in accurate diagnosis and speedy recovery.


Patient Satisfaction

We have 98% patient satisfaction according to our surveys. We are constantly striving to improve patient services and medical care with a continuous quality improvement program, transparent billing system and a constant effort to keep our costs reasonable.


Research and Education

Extensive Medical Research is an on-going process in the hospital and have monthly education programs for our consultants, resident medical officers and nurses. We have direct video conferencing facilities between our hospital and those of the United States for consultation and training.



The outcome of treatment is the most important parameter which one has to consider while choosing a hospital.

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